A safe space for women to talk, feel, move and heal.


All of you is welcome. The frustration, joy, rage, celebration, hopelessness, shame, imperfection, confusion, overwhelm, anticipation, doubt, grief and everything in between. All of you is welcome.

My mission is to empower, guide, and teach you how to reconnect with your body and inner landscape. Your body holds all the wisdom and keys to opening the door to your emotional health and freedom. Only YOU know what you need. My specialty is in partnering with women in the therapy space in creating a trusting, compassionate relationship to try out different therapeutic modalities, create new practices and rituals at home that help create balance, decrease stress, walk with you through life transitions, and pave the path for sustainable long term change.

If you want access to a licensed mental health professional with over ten years experience in the mental health field in the U.S and the U.K who can offer more than “talk therapy”; let’s connect.

If you’re ready to do. the. work. and partner with a therapist who will hold you accountable in between sessions in the highest light to step into the hard places, the discomfort, the shadows, and your inner truth; let’s go.

Five Truths about me:

  • Brooklyn, New York – born and raised
  • Barefoot 98% of the time
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Trained Drama and Movement Therapist, Certified Reiki and Yin Yoga Practitioner
  • I am a Mama
  • Dark Chocolate over milk any day!

Choose your path

Barefoot Healing Arts offers a variety of options to either get you started on your healing journey or ENHANCE the soil in which you’ve already laid the beautiful roots of work into.

Path Offerings

  • Solo Traveler: One on one individual therapy or couples therapy
  • Community Support: Women’s New Moon Support Circles – currently held monthly @ Tourmaline Birth and Wellness Collective in Pacific Beach. https://www.tourmalinecollective.com/
  • Intimate Community Support: Weekend and Day Retreats in La Jolla, CA and Pacific Beach, CA.
  • Exploration: Workshops (inner child healing, intimacy, Shadow work, reconnecting with the body), Instagram challenges and LIVES for personal development
  • Energy Work: in person or distant Reiki sessions to assist with regulating the nervous system and integrating spirituality.
  • Training: Embodiment & Somatic Practices for mental health professionals

“we’re all just walking each other home” – Ram Das

Let’s connect.

You got this.

none of this was meant to be done all alone. there is nothing courageous about covering up your pain so no one sees it. there is nothing glorified about having it all together. you do not have to justify choosing your health over someone’s happiness or approval. and life can be wonderful. even when, and especially when, it’s hard.”


I’m ready to get started!

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